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SF Diamond?was?selected as the?

December 01, 2020
On November 20th, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the " 2019 Henan Province Manufacturing "Double Innovation" Platform Preliminary List ". By virtue of the "Internet +"-based supply chain collaborative management project, SF Diamond was named the 2019 Henan Province Manufacturing Industry  "Double Creation" platform.
Over the years, SF Diamond has closely focused on the national development strategy of "manufacturing and Internet integration", and vigorously promoted the company’s "standardization, informatization, and automation " construction, using the Internet, big data, and cloud computing as means to introduce automated production equipment , Introduce lean management ideas , cultivate new production methods, and promote the in-depth integration of enterprise informatization and industrialization . The well selected 2019 Henan province manufacturing industry " Double Innovation" platform, is highly positive for the company to deepen the manufacturing and Internet convergence work accomplished, the company will further enhance product innovation capability, plus enlarge R & D investment and technological achievements, to Contribute to the development of superhard materials industry .
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